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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can I place multiple orders to multiple recipients on different dates?

Answer: To place multiple orders, go to each rose product page, place each order and click the CONTINUE SHOPPING button until all your orders are chosen. Then, click the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. When you get to the checkout page, click on CART on the top menu bar to go back to the cart. In the cart area, check the box next to the text that says, Ship to multiple addresses. Then add your ship to addresses under each rose order and then click the CONTINUE button to proceed to checkout

Question 2: What if I want something changed on my order?

Answer: Send us an email with your name, email, phone number and info about the change you need and if we get the email prior to shipping your delivery, we are happy to make the update. Contact Us at [email protected]

Question 3: How can I track my order?

Answer: Go to the Track Order page and enter your order number and email address and follow the instructions from there (You can also get to this page if you click the Track Orders text on the header and footer on our homepage).

Track Orders Here -

Question 4: What are the benefits of joining your Subscribe & Save program?

Answer: Benefits to subscribe & save include…

  • Save 15% on ALL Orders!
  • Automate Year-Round Gift Giving!
  • Choose Variety of Color Options!
  • Send Fresh Roses All Year Long!
  • Manage (or Schedule) Future Orders!
  • Pause or Cancel Anytime!

Question 5: How do I sign-up for a Subscription?

Answer: Go to the Subscribe & Save page here: Choose your first order of roses to start your subscription, pick your type of subscription such as weekly, monthly, yearly and place your subscription order. Your first order will be shipped 3 - 4 business days from the day you order and then you can login to the subscription member's area to update future order dates / rose colors / amounts / ship to names and addresses etc... You will be billed on the date each subscription order is placed and you can change, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.
IMPORTANT - if you would like to pick specific delivery dates and include a gift message to any subscription orders you can login to the subscription area and click on the form at the top and submit your request to our support team.


Question 6: How do I manage my subscription service?

Answer: Create an account on our site by clicking on the Person Icon on the top right of the homepage as seen in image 1 below or clicking on SUBSCRIPTIONS. Then click on CREATE ACCOUNT and then login to your account. Then, you’ll see all past orders and futures orders on a list and you click on the Manage Subscription area to update future order dates, ship to info, products etc… If you want to request specific delivery dates and include gift messages to any upcoming orders, click on the form link in your member's area and fill it out with your specific upcoming order info and your request will be sent to our support team. You have complete control!

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