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As an outsider to the flower industry, I stumbled into the business with a slightly different perspective than the flower veterans before me.

It was clear that profits and unhealthy stocking systems had overshadowed the real point of the industry: sharing beauty.

For most companies, flowers spend the majority of their lives on a refrigerated truck, rather than on the vine or in a vase, where their charm can be admired.

Fresh roses literally clean the air, change the feng shui of a room, percolate abundance, and just create good energy, so why limit this resource?

Something had to be done. The unnecessary steps created to standardize the industry needed to be eliminated.

Since 1991, I’ve been working to create the World’s Best Roses, but also a method for the roses to live longer lives, with shorter travel times from farm to home.

This meant eliminating the handling phase, which often took 10-12 days. With this new approach, we were able to cut out the middlemen and make sure truly beautiful, fresh flowers are available year round.

While other companies sell flowers, we like to think that The World’s Best Roses sells heritage, thanks to the second generation rose caretakers and protectors who work on our farms.

Like first edition book keepers or self-proclaimed seed guardians, elegant roses also require a knight in shining armor, for conservation and preservation. But this is only the first step…

We believe roses are meant to be experienced, not overlooked. Will you join our mission to protect the World’s Best Roses?

Sergio Cadena

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